Well-being, safety, and 校园 events

Programs and 服务 are available for all students

Ensuring thoughtful and respectful community discourse

的se are challenging and unsettling times. From the tragic loss of innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives, to incidents of vandalism and hate speech on 校园, 现在比以往任何时候都重要, 重要的是,我们都要尽自己的一份力量,确保十大赌博正规老平台仍然是一个按照我们的原则进行深思熟虑和尊重的讨论的地方 Meliora值.

总统Mangelsdorf, 教务长Figlio, 约翰·布莱克希尔, University Vice President for 学生 Life, are very attuned to what is happening on 校园. 他们共同致力于所有学生的安全、保障和福祉. Just as important, they are 受到我们校园社区所表现出的关心和体贴的鼓舞,并提醒我们反犹太主义, 伊斯兰恐惧症, 种族歧视, and other forms of hatred based on religion, 种族, or individual identity have no 十大赌博正规老平台的地方.

这个页面为所有十大赌博正规老平台的学生提供了重要的资源. We encourage you to review 在这个困难时期,你可以使用的项目和服务.



Organizing or engaging in peaceful 校园 activism

参加抗议或公共活动是学生分享的一种方式 their voice and express their feelings. As tensions continue to rise internationally and even right here on 校园, 十大赌博正规老平台必须成为一个分歧和意见分歧继续存在的地方 be accommodated and met with respectful dialogue and open conversations.

希望组织和平集会、守夜、抗议或其他公众活动的学生 聚集在校园里,希望了解对这些活动的支持, 复习一下钥匙 points of running a safe and productive event.

Keep the lines of communication open

If you are planning an event, contact the 学院院长办公室 学生 ,以获取最新的组织指导和信息 permitted locations, actions and speech.

如果你的活动没有计划在River校区举行,请联系学生主任办公室 能否提供特定校园的个人姓名(伊士曼音乐学院, 医学院 & 牙科) who you need to speak with in advance. Broadly, University leaders are prepared to meet with you to discuss event planning and protocols. University leaders are also available to meet to have mutually respectful conversations about any student concerns.

联络办事处 学生主任

Designate your event organizers

大学社区的成员被允许使用我们的校园空间 peacefully protest or gather, but the University cannot for safety reasons accommodate groups from outside of the institution who want to host similar events.

因此, 任何计划的校园活动都要求至少有一名确定的学生担任主要活动组织者,并在活动策划和聚会当天与大学官员保持联系. Having a student organizer 建立对事件参数的相互理解,并有助于防止任何误解. 的 identities of event organizers will be confidential. This is only asked so we can work together to create a 安全经验.

On the River Campus, the contact person must register the event at least three business days in advance 与学生主任办公室联系,并必须作为负责所有活动的联系人出席活动. 学生组织者如未能采取合理措施防止参加者违反规定,则须负上责任 学生行为准则 或者抗议政策,而学生、教职员工要对自己的行为负责.

Familiarize yourself with the University’s policies around free speech on 校园

十大赌博正规老平台坚决反对反犹太主义,伊斯兰恐惧症, and other forms of hatred on the basis of race, religion, 种族.

我们敦促校园社区的所有成员注意和负责 行使言论自由. 罗彻斯特大学的领导们特别关注那些 号召或煽动暴力的,或寻求消灭任何群体的. 它在我们的 校园 and is unacceptable. Even when such language does not meet the legal threshold for threats or 煽动, 它会引起大学社区成员的恐惧和担忧,并且与 十大赌博正规老平台的价值观.

看到 学生 Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.

Prioritize the safety and well-being of yourself and 其他人

If you are experiencing or witnessing bias or harassment—including verbal 或者通过网上发帖,或者通过社交媒体——你可以填写一份 Bias-Related Incident Report, or if an emergency, contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.

If joining or observing a protest or similar gathering, stay aware of your surroundings and signs of escalation, and consider participating with a friend or in groups for your safety.

Attend University events and open discussions

大学将继续为学生和学生提供节目和活动 希望以有意义和建设性的方式参与当前主题的大学社区成员 方法.

Group counseling drop-ins

大学咨询 中心(UCC) 一直在举行以以色列/加沙冲突为重点的虚拟临时会议, as well as on 种族歧视 and recent anti-Black vandalism on 校园. 的se group counseling sessions are open to all students and are announced in the daily e-newsletter @Rochester, as well as on the UCC social channels.

Equity and 包容 events

Programming efforts led by the Office of 公平与包容 in collaboration with other departments are being developed, and the office is asking students to be involved 在规划中. 如有兴趣,请致电(585)275-2125与平等与包容办公室联系,或在140前停下来 沃利斯厅. 项目信息将在@Rochester、学生通讯和网站上进行推广 大学的日历.